4 Steps To Improve Your Life For The Better

The experiences and connections you make in both business and in life are very fascinating to me.

The ability to share ideas and thoughts have always been something I’ve admired.

Recently I had the privilege to connect with Farouk at 2KnowMyself and he offered to guest post some tips on self-improvement.

So, without further ado..

Sometimes things go wrong and we find ourselves feeling really down.

During these moments many of us start wishing that someone comes and saves us or helps us with our problems.  How many times you felt like you wanted to be saved?

And how many times no one show up?

Do you want to know who is your savior?  Just take a look at the mirror!

During these tough moments your thoughts might be clouded by the emotional pain you are experiencing and as a result you might not notice an extremely important fact which is that you are the only one who can save yourself!

The Law Of Cause  And Effect

The law of cause and effect states that: if you kept doing the same things you do everyday you will keep getting the same results you always get.

Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, said that  insanity is doing the same thing everyday then expecting a different result.

If you feel like your life is falling apart or if you are not satisfied with your life then you must get up and change something!

I know it might be hard to pull yourself up while you are down but just think about it, you are the only one who can make these changes and you are the only one who can change your life to the better.

Sadly movies have taught us many incorrect things about life. Usually in the movie you see the hero stuck with a big problem then suddenly the Wise-man appears and guides him to the correct thing. In real life this wise man usually never appears!

Because just as you are the hero of your life you are that wise man as well!  You are that white knight you are waiting for!!

How To Save Yourself And Improve Your Life Right Now

Here is how to get out of your bad mood and start improving your life:

1)  Go to the nearest mirror and take a look:  Go to the nearest mirror , take a look and say out loud “This person in the mirror is the only one who can save me.”

2)  Find out what you dislike about your life: Certainly you are feeling down for a reason whether it’s a conscious or unconscious one. Take your time to find out why exactly you are not feeling OK and once you manage to find the things that are bothering you write them down.

3)  Make a plan: Start writing a plan that has the goals of changing those things you dislike about your life. Some things will be in your hand while others might be out of your hands. Start with the ones you can change and don’t be afraid to ask for help you with the ones that you can’t.

4)  Commit to the plan or else…. If you don’t commit to the plan nothing will change and your bad mood will remain the same.  This is how to change your life for the better.

M.Farouk Radwan is the founder of 2Knowmyself.com.  He is a full time internet entrepreneur who makes a living from his various internet businesses. Add Farouk on Google+

Farouk is absolutely right.  Without a plan of action, as well as the belief and drive to back it, nothing will differ.  Want to change your life?  Change yourself.  It’s an extremely simple philosophy, but one that is often overlooked by many.  I’d like to hear what you think… When was your “aha!” moment that changed it all for you?  Leave your comment below.

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26 thoughts on “4 Steps To Improve Your Life For The Better

  1. Rana Shahbaz

    I am great fan of this quote: “if you kept doing the same things you do everyday you will keep getting the same results you always get.”

    This is a common sense isn’t ? But often hard to practice.

    I think this one line says it all and i don’t think I can add anything to this line, just try to follow the golden rule to success.

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      Right on, Rana. It’s easy to fall victim to the same old habits and repetition, especially if they are “comfortable” to us. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Mike Garner

    I’m not sure I should be saying something like this on a blog comment, but i made two decisions yesterday, to give up drinking and to take action. The first one, to get fit and keep a clear head, and the second, because it’s the only way to actually experience life. It’s not about having a successful business, although that could be a happy consequence, it’s about being happy.

    A friend of mine from school died form cancer last week and that made me appreciate the importance of what we have, our potential. Never have carpe diem sounded more relevant.

  3. Justin Mazza

    Hi Jason & Farouk,
    I had to laugh about the movie comparison. Yes, unfortunately we think that movies are a guide to real life when it simply isn’t true. We are indeed the person that we have been waiting for, we are our hero.

  4. Timo Kiander


    One word: responsibility.

    We all are responsible of our current situation in our lives.

    For many people this is difficult to understand/accept, but that is really the key to your personal success.

    Once you realize that your current life is a result of what you have done, you can start changing your life.

    I can’t remember exactly when I understood what “taking responsibility” means but the first time I heard about it was in 2007, when reading Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles.

    Just started reading the book again and one of the first chapters in that is responsibility.


  5. Meagan

    This was a great post! For me personally, I don’t think I’ve ever made the decision to change my life, but I have made the decision to get serious & pursue different things at different times in my life. I think the process is the same either way.

    Take my business for instance. I started out doing it as a hobby because I was scared to go all out. Scared of success or the lack there of I guess. Once I came to the realization that I was just holding myself back I decided that I’d never get anywhere if I didn’t take the first step. So I came up with some goals for my first year & developed a plan & voila. I’m on my way.

    Again, great post & so relevant to so many of us today!

  6. Denise

    #1 is key – we are the only ones that can save ourselves. No need to pass blame on anyone or anything, or our childhood, our parents.. etc. Save yourself. Period. Accountability is empowering.

    1. Jason Fonceca

      Agreed, Denise. If you like this you may be interested in Dr. Len + Joe Vitale’s story:

      Zero Limits

      and the practice of Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian practice of 100% responsibility, not just for your life, but for the state of the world.)

  7. Jason Fonceca

    Awesome stuff, Farouk, and you’re in great company here 🙂

    Re: point 2, I’ve always had the most success in finding out what I want to change in my life, by first loving it. Like let’s say I get betrayed, and “I don’t like it” — well, I appreciate it because before it happened, I didn’t realize how clearly I wanted a fearless, devoted, radiant, amazing person at my side.

    I was confused before the betrayal, and powerfully clear after. I appreciate it. I’m happy about it. And I wanna change it next time 🙂

    Re: #4
    “Commit to the plan or else…”

    This is the clincher.

    For example, people read your article and they can “commit to following your steps”, or not.

    I wrote a post on this recently, and it’s kind of a deal-breaker, at least in my world. I’m going to link it.

    It expands on your point #4 and it’s easier said than done, so hopefully it helps 🙂


  8. Tom Treanor

    Farouk and Jason,

    Very nice post. I think the key element that people don’t get past is making a plan (myself included). It’s hard to change when you just have a general idea but no real action steps. Thanks for the post!

  9. Annika

    I love that the list started off with taking personal responsibility for our circumstances. We’re so quick to run through a long list of reasons (very often, people as well) who we blame for our situation, when in fact, we are choosing to let those external sources define our lives. It doesn’t have to be that way. The power of choice gets ignored so often.

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      Taking personal responsibility is so important on the path of personal growth and development. There’s only one person who can make the real change in our lives, and that’s ourselves. Thanks, Annika!

  10. Hector Avellaneda

    I know Farouk! He is a very insightful guy and I really like the thought provoking content he often shares

    You know I recently went on vacation after 2 years of just doing the daily grind. During this time I was away from the internet, emails, cell phone, etc. I did this on purpose! I wanted to just relax and enjoy my trip.

    During this time I learned something about myself and that is that there is so much less stress in my life when I am away from all the noise. Sometimes its hard to get away from it. With smart phones we can constantly be updated on the latest news, emails, social media, etc. All of this however contributes to a certain fuzzyness that is often hard to get rid of if you dont just get away from it all sometimes.

    In fact, I didnt even know i had this fuzyness in my mind until I went on my trip. I am limiting how much exposure I allow myself to all the noise but I honestly feel like i can think better, I have a better plan, I have a clearer vision… the list goes on and on.

    Thats how I am improving myself right now!

  11. Judy Belmont

    I love this post – and found the “steps” picture great for visualizing breaking down life patterns into manageable steps. All too many people look on the outside to find the keys to happiness – but I agree it is the person in the mirror that is the only one that can do it! Thanks.


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