5 Ways to Live and Feel Free

live and feel free How much would an extra $500 or $1,000 a month help you out?

Could you provide better for your family?

What would you be able to do that you are unable to do today?

Would it make a significant difference in your lifestyle?

If so, I have a very important question to ask you.

Now, this might be one of those questions that makes you stop and really evaluate circumstances or one that you write off as unessential.

To each his own.

But… If for some reason you may be even slightly interested in exploring what it means to really do something different with your life, or really set out to design your own future, then maybe you came across this article at the right moment.

Maybe you’ll feel moved to make a change or take action.  I don’t know.

I mean, how meaningful could one question be?

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. — Voltaire

So, what’s the question?

Are you stress relieving or goal achieving?

Let me phrase that in a different way – What are you doing during prime time (or your down time)?

You know, between the hours from 7pm and midnight or when you have that spare moment during the day?

Quite often I hear and see a startling number of people out there struggling.

They’re living paycheck to paycheck or two words (“You’re Fired”) away from complete financial devastation.

What gives?

For the most part we all want to do better and be better.

We have good intentions, meaningful aspirations and are looking for more as a whole.

These are the individuals who have nothing but hopes, dreams and desires.  A wish to experience more and live life with a purpose.

But they continue to struggle and to them life is hard.

The ultimate ruse is that you can be a good person, you can mean well and you can wish for the best, but still end up with less than desirable results in life (personally and professionally).

Trying with good intentions just isn’t enough.

How ironic is that?

Choosing the Easy Way Out

There’s little worse than time spent in pain, suffering, doubt and (unfortunately) regret.

Many chalk it up to what they perceive as a shitty hand or simply having bad luck.

Luck may be the biggest distraction one can fool themselves into believing is real – In addition to being a great excuse for not doing a damn thing about your current circumstances.

Does the following sound familiar:

It’s 6:00am – The alarm pierces your ears.

You wake up. It’s early. Really early. You’re tired. Yesterday was rough.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. How does everyone else make it look so easy?

I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t so much stress and bullshit.

Between the drama and nonsense at work and the drama and nonsense at home, when are you gonna catch a break?

Who would have thought that life would be such a struggle. Such an uphill battle.

You find yourself worrying about a lot lately. Work, finances, kids, relationship – you name it.

Nothing a few drinks can’t fix.

Maybe glue yourself to the TV or iPad and find that stress relieving outlet or escape.

Busy yourself with something to take your mind off it all.

Out of sight out of mind, right? After all, you can’t suffer over what you’re not thinking about.

Why Distraction is So Much Easier

Plopping down on the couch and drifting the night away sure does offer a quick and temporary fix.

Distraction is easy and rightfully so.

If something comes along and helps to reduce any burden of yours, why not accept it with open arms?

The problem here is that over the course of time we develop some disastrous patterns which develop into habits.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to kick your legs up and catch up on your favorite TV shows.

It’s ten times easier to hit up happy hour after work and blow off some steam – then go home and catch up on your favorite TV shows.

It’s way more convenient to distract yourself or wedge whatever it may be in front of what it is that really matters: You.

Now – Don’t get me wrong here I love a good movie or TV series along with some ice cold IPA’s.

Some days I even spend hours purging myself of this sickening Netflix and HBOGo addiction I’ve developed.

We all need an outlet of some sort, but the few hours I do spend indulging are dwarfed in comparison to the 14 and 16 hour workdays it takes to juggle multiple businesses.

There’s a difference between finding a balance for your future and falling victim to these avoidance patterns of the past.

While most are spending prime time catching up on the latest in pop-culture, the risk takers are chipping away at their goals and dreams.

They’re taking the next step to becoming free.

Taking Risks and Doing Something Different

What is your definition of freedom?

For some it’s the ability to go wherever they wish.

For others it’s having time to do what they please.

There’s both spiritual and physical freedom but the fact of the matter is right now we live and operate in a monetary based economy and the dollar dictates our chance at freedom.

While money isn’t everything in life, it’s pretty damn important.

In fact, it’s so important that billions of people trade the most precious commodity on the the planet for it every day – their time.

Many also spend a considerable amount of their energy worrying and stressing over it.

So, how does one get that extra $1,000 a month and start making drastic changes in their quality and style of life?

It’s simple:

Actively choose to do the things most people aren’t willing to do.

While everyone else is flipping through the channels at night, you’re the one taking action.

You are the one working on or finding a new outlet or opportunity.

But what if I don’t have any opportunities?” you might ask.

Easy – You work on yourself.

The most simple way to make your life better is to make yourself better.

Most people fail to realize that their personal and professional results in life have a direct connection.

By working on yourself you create the results you deserve.

“But what if I don’t have the skills or knowledge?”

Easy – learn them.

There’s a book, class or course out there right now that you can take and you have the ability to learn literally anything you can think of (thanks to the search engine).

Look, excuses are for the passive and uninspired.

There are always going to be a million reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do something.

It’s on you to ignore the excuses, take the lead and make the right decisions.

5 Steps to Finding Your Freedom

Now I’d like to share with you 5 simple ways you can start making drastic changes in what you acquire in life.  Apply these principles in the right way and things will never be the same again:

1) Change your mindset and philosophy.

I cannot stress or emphasize how important and vital this part of the process is. Your thoughts dictate your feelings/emotions, which ultimately determine your behavior and actions. So your thoughts literally have a direct impact on what you do and how much you achieve.

I struggled greatly with low-self esteem and a number of issues that keep me down (in a number of ways) for many years.  Then it all changed.  (Click here if you’re interested learning how)

I run and own a number of companies, make money while I sleep and have the freedom to “work” from anywhere in the world (as long as I have a smart device and an internet connection ;)).

I don’t say this boast or brag but so I can make something very clear – If I can do it you can do it. 

2) Start by setting up goals. 

You can’t build a house without drafting up the blueprints. Well, you could wing it I suppose, but can you imagine how ugly it would be?

Your goals could be short-term or long-term but you need some sort of target to aim for.

Don’t be afraid to aim BIG. One of my professional goals is ‘retirement’ by age 35. People look at me like I’m crazy or some sort of alien when I tell them that but what’s really crazy is that it’s actually happening and I’m almost there.

*By the way my definition of ‘retirement’ is really just financial freedom – automating and generating income to cover all my living expenses so that I don’t have to work, but can if I choose to.

The beauty behind reaching your professional goals is that it helps you to reach your personal goals, too (i.e. traveling the world or learning something new).

3) Turn a passion into profit.

Everyone is born with a talent or love for something.

Whether it’s your passion or your hobby, start thinking about how you can help someone else improve their life. There are always people out there willing to learn and know what you may be an expert at.

Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Start a cooking class.

Play guitar? Teach lessons or create a series of learn-how videos.

Play hockey your whole life? Run skating or stick handling workshops.

One of the most difficult things to do (and where most just give up) is finding that niche or area where you can start building your fortune. One of the most ironic things about this is that the opportunity is right under your nose.

It’s been there the whole time.

Never underestimate the value of real-world experience.   Another benefit of honing in on your craft is that you don’t have to go at it full-time right away.  You can start by working on it part-time, in prime time (remember what everyone else is doing then?) and ultimately make the switch if you choose.

The best benefit is that when you become successful doing what you love it no longer becomes work – which is pretty amazing.

4) Fail as much as you can.

Yes, fail.

Honestly, failure is just another form of feedback. There would be no success if we didn’t know or experience failure.

It’s the best way to learn and make sure that you do not continue along the same path or keep making the same mistakes. In a sense, failure is your best ally.

Learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others (one reason why reading books are so beneficial). If at any point in time you feel like a failure, or that you are failing, it should be your wake up call to start making changes.

Why would you continue to do what you do when you know better or know where it keeps on taking you? Failures allow us to improve ourselves, adjust and change our circumstances.

5) Repeat your successes.

Success is the opposite of failure.

Since we avoid repeating mistakes we want to do the opposite with our successes and definitely repeat them.

If something is working for you, go with it.  You don’t necessary have to reinvent the wheel if you’ve tapped into something that works and is successful/profitable.

So, keep doing what you’re doing.

Use the victories in your life as a stepping stone towards more greatness.

Not sure if you’re on the right track? Combine your mindset/philosophy with your goals and passions, then match them against your failures.

You don’t have to hit the jackpot right away.  Even the smallest bit of progress is a success. Your first dollar in profit is absolutely a success and something to celebrate.

What’s Holding You Back?

We’ve all had hardships but you must forget about yesterday – the past is the past. It’s over and there is nothing you can do about it.

When you live in the now, for yourself, you don’t get the chance to have regrets or doubt because you’re acting on purpose.

Even if you give something a shot and you fail, so what?

You still have feedback, a gauge, an indicator or some specific set of data to make adjustments and correct course.

See, it’s not about finding or discovering where you place is in the world and acting accordingly.  It’s figuring out what and who you want to be and making it happen.

That’s the difference between living a reactive or proactive life. Which are you going to choose?

Need help with what you’ve just read? Perhaps you have the idea and the drive but need help putting together an action plan? I’ve helped a number of clients get from good to great and I’d love to hear from you and see if I am able to help you discover or enhance your well-being and success! Just reach out via email at info @ jasonanthonygroup . com (remove the spaces) and let’s start a conversation today.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Live and Feel Free

  1. Hank

    I,m intrigued.
    I’d love to learn how to make an extra $1000.00 per month using the internet.

    Looking forwar to more information.



  2. Jason Anthony

    Hank – do me a favor and send me an email – info @ jasonanthonygroup.com I’d love to help you get there and can give you some more info on just how to do that – doing something you do most days anyway 🙂

    1. Jason

      The easiest way to explain the difference between reactive and proactive (thanks to D. Waitley):

      Reactive – a thermometer. It takes a reading and temperature from the environment around it. It reacts to whats happens.

      Proactive – a thermostat. A thermostat can be set and dictate what temperature it would like to reach. It controls it’s environment, instead of being controlled by it.



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