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The study of good health and nutrition is a goal we must never cease to pursue. Exercise, along with mental and physical conditioning all play a significant role in the development of our self-confidence, self-esteem and who we are.

5 Lessons For Turning Issues Into Invitations

the secret to lifeHow do you view the circumstances in your life?

Each day we have we have the ability to make a choice and change it all.

We can find the books, people, resources, and inspiration that expand our minds and thoughts, or we can choose to do nothing.

We can choose to learn from the mistakes of the past, or continue to repeat them.

If you’re willing, all it takes is a little shift in mindset and you can start to transform the obstacles into opportunity.

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Courage: Overcoming Fear & Igniting Self-Confidence

Courage is the having the ability to stand up to your fears and face extreme difficulties.

It’s looking danger and doubt in the eye with a boldness like no other.

As Winston Churchill so eloquently put it, “courage is also the ability to sit down and listen.”

Discovering the inner-courage in ourselves is of great advantage to anyone seeking fulfillment and happiness.

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What Do Blind Men, Elephants, And Becoming A Millionaire Have In Common?

 Who do you have in your wealth management and financial advice support-system?

With a few exceptions to the rule, most self-made millionaires got where they are with the help of a solid and knowledgable support system.

A big part of success is placing yourself around the right people and learning from others’ expertise.

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