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One of our goals is to develop and grow a community of like-minded readers and contributors.

A creative focal point for inspiration and advice.

We are growing everyday and our requests for guest posts submission are increasing.

If you’d like a guest spot or feature I’d love to hear from you.

Benefits To Guest Post Submission

Beyond the extra traffic and link juice the main goal here is to build relationships and strengthen the community of people who think like you.

Our readers, peers and subscribers are all interested in new perspectives that help them solve problems and get from point A to point B faster.

Establishing and enhancing your credibility by furnishing quality information and content is a must.

You’ll get to showcase your knowledge or expertise, as well as help shed a little light for someone who may just need it at the moment.

What Makes A Great Guest Post

Submit a pitch that outlines your idea and bullets the main points.

Make sure its fresh and original content that has not been posted or published elsewhere. Very important.

Does your post help to inform, educate or infuse new ideas?

If you’re using factual based research or statistics, provide the data (and links) to back it up.

No affiliate links or excessive linking.

Your submission should include a short bio about yourself and a maximum of 2 links (to your site and Twitter or social media profile).

Length can vary depending on the topic (900-1400 words is an ideal range).

Take a look at some of the articles on the site and try to format your content chunks in a way that fits.

If approved, make sure you send the completed article ready to drop into WordPress for publishing and formatted with the proper <H3> tags.

Ready To Submit Your Guest Post?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Send your pitch to

*By submitting your work you grant EvenMinds (Jason Anthony Group) the rights to publish and edit or adjust content and formatting.  



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