Grow More by Being a Child Again

grow more by being a child againThis post is dedicated to my son. Without you I would have forgotten what it’s like to be amazed.  Words cannot express how thankful I am to be your dad and how proud I am of the young man you’re becoming. 

“The only real wisdom is knowing that you know nothing” –Socrates

A lot of the issues we face today are centered around power.

After all, knowledge is power, right?

But what about the power you held when you were young and knew little about the world around you?

Some say that this lack of knowledge is the most abundant form of power there is.

I’m not saying that that ignorance is bliss or that immaturity is the path to personal development.

We must be careful in our endeavors but not careless.

With that said, I have a few suggestions on how we can grow more by knowing less – and it’s all about learning from children.

Find Wonder

Be amazed.

Do you remember what it was like to learn something for the first time?

A child’s mind is an empty canvas.

He or she must ask questions in order to gain the right kind of knowledge and perspective. This typically comes in the form of “why?” a thousand times over and over. They can ask you “why?” until you get to the point where you don’t even know the answer yourself.

That’s powerful stuff when you think about it.

They are curious because they have to be.  It’s how they grow and develop.

As adults we tend to overlook the details of the day (or even get lost in them) and forget about their significance.  As a child you investigated, wanted to learn more, see how it ticks and find what it all means.

To re-discover the wonder in all around you is a great tool to becoming more aware and gaining a whole new perspective on life.

Be Enthusiastic

There is nobody more enthusiastic about their day than children.

From personal experience I can tell you that my son is up and ready to start the day at the crack of dawn.

He can’t wait to see what the new day will bring to him, in fact he’s so anxious about what tomorrow holds that he’s reluctant to get to bed the night before – afraid he’s going to miss something.

Can you remember how exciting it was?

The first objection to being enthusiastic that adults have is responsibility.  Tweet this

Blinded and obliged to tasks, our careers, and our children themselves, it’s harder to find the magic in the day.

It’s easy to look at a child and say, “Well, they don’t have anything to do, of course they’re enthusiastic!

Sadly, this is a big mistake.

Having bills, finances, obligations and a number of things on your plate is by no means an excuse for not being excited about your life.

In fact, if you think it is then it may be time to stop wasting your efforts and start getting focused.

A simple change in your thoughts, actions and/or mindset can be enough to change it all for you.


Belief is underrated by adults.

Adults are cynical and skeptics.

We’ve been conditioned and drilled to believe we must have all the facts in place prior to believing.

I’ll believe it when I see it” or “When hell freezes over” type-thoughts.

The truth is that we will never have all the facts and the circumstances are not going to perfect for us.

As a child your world is full belief.  You believe that anything is possible.

You think big.

Better yet, you believe big.

There’s nothing in a child’s mind that cannot be imagined or created.

A truck that turns into a submarine and helicopter to avoid traffic?


The only thing stopping you would be faithlessness in your ability to make it happen.

Recognize and remember the difference between belief as a child and doubt as an adult.

Now take a moment to reflect on what it would be like.

What would your life be like if you found or re-discovered the wonder, enthusiasm and belief?

It’s something truly extraordinary to bring into your life and I’m willing to bet you’d see the day a little differently.

It’s possible that you’d be excited to get up and make a difference at the office or provide something new and unique to the market place.

There’s a chance that you’ll believe in yourself and your ability to do more and that anything is possible with the right combination of philosophy and discipline.

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