How EvenMinds Can Help You Design An Extraordinary Life

To live a better life, you must become
a better person. Find out how…


Would you agree that a life full of stress and suffering is unacceptable?

Finding balance can be both just and fulfilling. Where you arrive tomorrow is dependent on the person you become today.

EvenMinds is an ongoing study of human potential and behavior dynamics. We serve those looking to enhance the three vital dimensions of life:

Health, Wealth and Love.

For those who may be facing problems in those areas, we can help there, too.

Our approach is simple.

Become a person of high character, integrity, quality and truth and your life will be respectively enriched.


Common sense, but not always common practice.


About Jason Anthony

Jason Anthony launched EvenMinds in November of 2011 as an individual refinement and growth expert with over a decade of professional consulting experience with national and international corporations.  He is also the president of Jason Anthony Group and founder of The Acquiring Man, an online refinement and relationship advice resource for men.

“I’ve struggled greatly in my personal and professional life and I can say that I’ve never been happier, or a more complete person, because of the adversity, trying times and what I’ve experienced.

All it takes is a few simple ideas and adjustments. I know if I was able to make a change that you can, too.”

I’m always curious to hear what’s on your mind.”

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