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How To Make Your Relationship Work For You

Everyone’s life could be a little easier.

With work, bills, finances, children, family, drama, problems, and a laundry list of other things on our plate.

Sometimes it’s hard to manage it all, let alone deal with it. Continue reading

How To Create an Everyday Tradition

It seems like there are plenty of holidays spread throughout the year.

With hectic schedules and busy lives, it’s easy to crowd ourselves with the day to day tasks and routines.

Unfortunately, sometimes doing this pushes the art of being grateful aside. Then when the holidays or a significant event rolls around, we catch a little reminder to assess what we’ve been so fortunate to have.

Being thankful is an ongoing study, one which we must continuously practice. Continue reading

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Self Confidence

Often times we hear about confidence as something we need to have to find a spouse, get that raise at work, or even succeed in life, but do you know where it comes from?

While self-confidence plays an important role, it alone will not be enough to sustain any great relationship, whether it’s business or personal.   Continue reading