What To Do When You’re Handed A Blank Check

Dollah billz ya'll

Would you like to get your hands on a blank check?  One that you could fill out in any amount?

I’m willing to bet your answer is “yes.”

I’m sure you could dream up some very creative uses for an unlimited supply of funds.

You may even catch a hint of relief thinking about how everything would be if it actually happened.

While it would make a fantastic story, it’s highly unlikely that someone would walk up to you and hand over that kind of check.


True Wealth Is Attracted


At the onset of my working career I used to think that in order to be “rich,” I had to have a ton of money.

Piles of gold coins I could swim in.

Since my only angle on wealth at the time was that it was monetary I did what most still continue to do.

I chased it.

The results were not fruitful.

At one point in my early twenties I was working three jobs and still just scraping by.

There was just too much month at the end of the money. Or so I thought…

See, I always had the blank check in my possession.

The problem was that I would cash it over and over in amounts that were much less than I deserved.

It wasn’t until I realized that I could live a wealthy and abundant life, without seeing a penny first, when things really started to open up.


The Wealth And Time Relationship


It’s been said that “time is money,” which is a correct statement because the two have a close relationship.

Wealth affords you the ability to have the time.  Time to do the things you want and deserve.

It gives you freedom.

Time grants you the ability to create more wealth.

It’s the seed and the soil, and it’s up to you to water it properly.


Money Matters, And Messes With Your Mind


A cold hard fact about life is that money is a vital part of it.

Research shows that the allure of striking it rich is prevalent in our culture.  About 20% of Americans play the lottery frequently and spend upwards of $60 billion a year.

Securing the future for ourselves and those around us is something many of us consider and work very hard for on a daily basis.

The vehicle for which you are doing this may be different from your neighbor.  You may run an online marketing business, and he may own an appliance store.

However, your goals remain common and relatively the same.

While it would be great to win the lottery, more practical advice would be to focus on what you can do to earn those millions.

It is completely possible to provide the amount of value or service that would render you with the ability to “buy your freedom.”


Why We Can’t Live Without It


In theory you could drop everything you’re doing, head into the wilderness and abandon civilization completely.

This would remove the need for money in your life all together.

The problem with this is that most of us like our lives or wish them to be better.

We enjoy our families, communities, and the things we have built and earned for ourselves.

Life in the wilderness wouldn’t even work for a lot of people since time has eroded much of our survival skills.

Stop at the grocery store real quick and stock up for the week, or kill a bear?

It’s just more practical and makes more sense to take part in society.

While the old hunting and gathering skills may be a little rusty, the opportunity exists for every individual to attain the necessary skills for success.

Unfortunately those who are unable to see that just yet are rife with complaints, doubts, and mindsets that will continue to hold them back.


Find A Way To Provide Value And Service


Whether establishing and forging a career or creating a product, the ultimate goal is to provide enough of your resources (money and time) to secure your freedom.

The farther you slide the amount of value and service up the scale, the more proportionate your earnings will become.

The reason why an upper level executive can earn $250 million a year is because they can provide the insight, value, and service to bring in billions for the company.

It’s not rocket science.  To earn more you must be more and provide more to others.

Consistently keeping your value level the same will keep your income at the same level.

Showing up for work because you have to, or just because it’s a job, may increase your salary by 2 or 3 percent each year, but by doubling the worth of yourself in your role you can double your income.

Take pride in what you do, especially if it’s your passion.

If you happen to be struggling with finding your passion or something to be proud of, do not let that interfere with your current performance.

You can still chase your passion in the mean time and set yourself up to make a change.


Action Steps For Filling Out Your Check


You’re handed a blank check every day.  How you choose to write it out is up to you.

There are really just three steps, or fundamentals, you can practice to provide a sound strategy for increasing your value, wealth, and abundance.


1. Who You Are And How You Think Provides The Foundation Of Your Beliefs.

Beliefs shape your attitude, which is the driving force behind your emotions.

Emotions are powerful predictors that play a vital role in our day to day lives.

Learning to master your mindset and interpretation is where it all begins.


2. Your Attitudes And Emotions Determine Your Actions.

The way that you feel about a certain circumstance or situation will affect the amount of action that you take (or do not take).

Having fear or doubt about your next business expense, product, or service will inevitably keep you from producing or delivering it.

In the same respect, having an inspired and excited feeling about your next venture or decision will give you the gusto needed to break down any wall in your way.


3. Your Actions Ultimately Determine And/Or Produce A Result.

What you do will, over a period of time, produce an outcome.

Whether or not the outcome is desired is dependent on the type of action you took.

Determine if your actions are producing the desired results, or if it’s time to go back to the drawing board and find another way.

One of the most simple things you can do to alter an outcome is adjust and refine the process a little.


The magic behind fortune is that it’s always out there, waiting for you to acquire it.  Did you notice something similar about all three steps?  They all have to do with you.  Nothing outside of yourself is responsible for your fate and fortune.

Now I’d like to hear what you think… Do you have a story to share?  Have you ever had your own experience which caused you to switch gears and do things differently?  Leave your comments below.


Think alike,



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32 thoughts on “What To Do When You’re Handed A Blank Check

  1. Jason Fonceca

    Hah! Awesome J! I love it and agree 100%.

    I teach all similar stuff, and I learned it all ‘the hard way’ lol, through experience.

    In a single year I was homeless -> living on high street -> arrested -> homeless again -> betrayed -> lost all my possessions and you know… it helped me realize some stuff.

    Stuff like:

    -Control your emotions and you control everything.
    -Make committed decisions in life, and act on them.
    -Raise standards and don’t settle.

      1. Slavica

        Yes…Sometimes it takes some drastic circumstances for us to realize that we need to make some changes…

  2. Eric T. Wagner

    Thanks Jason. Yes, I keep waiting for that blank check to show up in the mail. But, I guess waiting for it to arrive is like buying a lotto ticket at the local market. Both unlikely to really pay off… 🙂

    So, next is creating value for others. At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about. Period.

    The most successful people in the world create value for others. How? By getting clarity on their vision to add value; and then focusing every day on the high leverage activities to reach that vision.

    Good stuff Jason. Keep it up… 🙂 Eric

  3. Jeanne Pi

    I definitely chased after the money at the beginning of my career. I initially went into the legal field because I enjoyed the thought of being a lawyer and the promise of riches. But I became disillusioned very quickly. Most of the time, it felt like I was just being a paper pusher. What’s worse, I was trading time for money. Like many professionals, in order to earn more, we had to work more. When I finally realized there’s a different way, that what I wanted wasn’t a “job” or a “career”, but a “calling”, the floodgates opened and I saw all the possibilities out there. Having the right mindset is definitely key.

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      Jeanne, I think most start out chasing the money (I surely did). The presumption that once you have the money great things will come, can be a common mistake. Thanks for your insight here!

  4. Carmen Sognonvi

    Jason, great post – and I love the metaphor of time as the ultimate “blank check.” But the very allure of that metaphor makes your point. Why is it that we find money so much more valuable than time? We’ve probably all heard that we should be productive and use our time wisely, but once you put it in monetary terms, it really makes you sit up and listen.

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      We have the opportunity each and every day, down to each second and thought, to apply the right the right decisions (and ultimately actions). Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading!

  5. Timo Kiander



    It’s the mind that controls the fortunes and how you attract it to you.

    You make an decision inside your head and eventually that leads to actions which generate you the fortune.


  6. Hector Avellaneda

    Jason! Awesome, Awesome post my friend. This is my first time here but I can already tell that you blof is going to be one which I will be visiting often.

    First of, I think almost all people would prerish int he wilderness by themselves because the reality is that we are social animals. In fact, I can prove it with 2 very simple words – social media. 🙂 Why does it exist and why is has it been able to be so successful. True, there have been many social media platforms to be introduced but only the best social communication mediums make it!

    Second, you are spot on in that Wealth is attracted! Something my mentor told me was that wealth, like many other things worth having in this world, should never be chased.


    Well, what happens to when a Chetah chases a zebra? It runs away, right!? Similarly, in our own lives, when we chase wealth or money or fame or whatever, it will also run away from us. Instead, as you pointed it out, we should learn to attract wealth.

    Most people approach life in the HAVE, DO, BE methodology which simply means that if someone wants to be a successful entrepreneur, they usually want all the things that come with being a successful entrepreneur first, so that they can do whats required to be a successful entrepreneur and eventually be a successful entrepreneur.

    Well, that almost ALWAYS never works!

    Instead, I have learned to approach life in the opposite fashion. First, in my mind I BEcome whatever it is that I want to be, I then DO the things that are required of who I have become to, finally, HAVE the things I want.

    I am really looking forward to connecting with you more and sharing more ideas and perspectives.

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      Appreciate the kind words and thoughts, Hector! We are social creatures, by nature, so modern social media makes a lot of sense. I’m glad you shared your story here. Chasing what you want will always leave you in the hunt (and a scarcity mentality). Focusing on abundance and fruits life has to offer is the key. Very happy to have you here and hear what you have to say!

  7. Tom Treanor


    Very inspirational. I think you’re 100% right. Increase your value to write your own paycheck. Don’t push for earnings but create a pull effect. Sometimes we need to do both – keep things going financially and build our value for the long term. I think that’s the tight rope I walk sometimes. Focusing on becoming invaluable while financing the activities to get there as I go.

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it, Tom! I agree with what you mentioned. Life is pretty much a push and pull experience all together. Finding the right mix, so to speak. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Rana Shahbaz

    Time is more valuable than money simply because you can’t have more than 24 hours in a day. My blank check formula is “follow the excellence and money will come automatically”.

    Great post Jason.

  9. Mike Garner

    I spent years when I was younger chasing some kind of El Dorado/Shangri La/Utopia (insert the name of your choice) and most of them involved a lot of money.

    I was a fool.

    Now, whilst it’s true that we all need the stuff to eat and live a little, how much does any one person actually NEED? To be happy?

    Real value comes from inside.

  10. Peter

    Simply holding back on purchasing something and seeing how much money I now have at the end of it is a blank check for me any day!

    The problem is that with being offered a blank check and assuming that it will secure your future (which it probably will) it’s also assuming that you’ll be spending big – but once you’ve bought everything we look for other meanings in our lives – which is why at least saving up a bit of money, I know that I’ve avoided falling into that endless trap; works for me anyway 😛

    1. Jason Anthony Post author

      Thanks, Peter. You’re right, once you’ve reached a point of financial fulfillment the search for meaning and something more doesn’t cease, it becomes greater. Fortunately, by focusing on that meaning early and often, the money will naturally follow.

  11. bbrian017

    Hi Jason, it’s pleasure meeting you, I’m one of those that enjoy money, I want it and don’t want to do without it. In fact the stage I’m at in life right now I’m an extreme need of earning and it would unacceptable to not.


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